Goodman GDS81155CX 115,000 BTU down flow furnace
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The Goodman 80% downflow furnance is designed for downflow installation in garage, basement, closet or utility room.  This is a multi speed gas furnace that comes with aluminized patented tubular steel heat exchanger and highly efficient hot surface ignition system.  Be assured to get the functional well-tested unit as it comes fully factory tested before it reaches you.  The furnace can be vented through right, top, or left through a rotating combustion air blower. The blower cooling capacity is 3/3.5/4/5 tons. The furnace fuel can be converted to natural gas from propane.

If the Goodman GDS81005CX ever stops working, you will get a brand new heat exchanger if you are the original registered owner.

The Goodman downflow furnace comes in an insulated steel cabinet, painted with baked enamel finish protecting the unit from UV rays and keeping it rust-proof. 

Features of Goodman 100,000 BTU 80% Downflow Furnace GDS81005CX 

  • Multi speed direct drive furnace blower motor
  • Low voltage terminal blocks
  • Corrosion resistant tubular heat exchanger
  • Furnace and coil fit flush for convenient installation
  • Easy left or right connection for electric and gas service
  • Foil faced insulation lines the furnaces heat exchanger compartment
  • 10 years parts warranty
  • 120 volts


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  • Item #: GDS81005CX
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GDS81005CX**
  • Condition: New

100,000 BTU 80% Downflow Furnace

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