Goodman GKS91155DX 115,000 BTU up flow gas furnace
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Goodman 115,000 BTU 92% AFUE Upflow Gas Furnace

If high efficiency, energy- efficient operation at an affordable price is what you expect to achieve, the latest generation GKS91155DX gas furnaces from Goodman is undoubtedly your winning choice. Goodman has packed all the advanced high technology features into this series of furnaces without hurting your budget. Latest features like the power- saving reliable hot surface ignition system backed by a patented adaptive learning algorithm to efficiently maximize igniter life, corrosion proof, aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger combined with a stainless steel built recuperative coil ensures that the furnace provides many years of uninterrupted, trouble-free service.

The GKS91155DX gas furnaces includes the additional provision to be converted to run with propane using a specialized field- installed LPT- 01A propane conversion kit costing only $32. Some of its other featuresinclude a reinforced, heavy gauged and strongly insulated steel cabinet long with a long lasting, attractive baked enamel finish. Additionally, A foil faced insulation inside the heat exchanger compartment provides maximum sound reduction.

The Goodman 115,000 BTU 92% AFUE Upflow Gas Furnaces not only includes all the above mentioned features but it also happens to be one of the most portable and easy to install models from the GKS9 chain of furnaces that can be fitted almost everywhere in your home, including the garage, alcove, closet or attic. The return air can easily be ducted through either side or bottom depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Extraordinary Warranty Protection: All the functional parts of the Goodman 115,000 BTU 92% Upflow Gas furnaces are covered by a Parts Limited Warranty for 10 Years. The heat exchanger has a Lifetime Warranty and if the heat exchanger ever ceases to operate in this unit, the company will provide a new heat exchanger to the original registered owner.

Standard Features:

  • Dual diameter aluminized tubular heat exchanger
  • Quiet, Single speed induced draft blower
  • Single- stage combination redundant gas valve
  • The furnace complies with the California Nox emission standards
  • The furnace control board has self diagnostic features
  • Low voltage terminal blocks
  • Hot surface igniter with a patented adaptive learning control to increase igniter life
  • Dual- certified for sealed combustion for both direct vent ( 2 –pipe) and non- direct vent ( 1-pipe) applications
  • Quiet, direct-drive, four- speed circulator blower motor 

Cabinet Features: 

  • Foil- faced insulation lines the compartment of the heat exchanger
  • Coil & furnace fit flush for most of the installations
  • Designed for Upflow installation but can be converted to a horizontal left or right position using a pressure switch kit (not included; sold separately)
  • Standard easy to install top venting
  • Air tight bottom for side return applications
  • Easy- cut tables for easy removal in the bottom air inlet applications
  • An Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 92% which means that 92 cents of every $1 of your heating energy expense is utilized for heating up your room.

Additional Information: Before purchasing any electrical appliance, read the important information about its yearly operating cost, estimated annual energy consumption and energy efficiency ratings of the system. Please review the furnace brochure or product warranties applicable to this appliance by clicking on the links attached below. Moreover, to receive the warranty protection for your furnace, make sure to register your product online within 60 days after installation. You don’t need to register online if you are a California or Quebec resident.



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115,000 BTU 92% efficient Upflow Gas Furnace

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