13 SEER Heat Pumps

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When it comes to selecting a heating or a cooling system for a home or an office, one of the names that is definitely worth giving a strong consideration is that of Goodman. Not only because they have been in the market for the last 40 years, Goodman is one such name that has successfully managed to find a firm footing in the HVAC industry, having served the specific requirements of millions of consumers from different parts of the US over the years. Among the huge list of products they offer, Goodman is especially known for their top class heat pumps that are well equipped to work in almost every weather condition without compromising on work efficiency and quality of performance.

Goodman offers a wide range of standard heat pumps categorized in terms of capacities ranging from 2ton- 5tons. The Goodman pumps come with reasonably high SEER ratings lying in between 13-16 therefore ensuring optimum levels of efficiency. These systems are technologically upgraded to function both as a heater in the winters and as a cooler in the summers. In other hands, these heat pumps serve as the perfect air conditioner that works round the clock throughout the year to ensure a proper temperature balance inside the rooms.

The Goodman 13 SEER GSZ heat pump makes use of the Eco friendly R-410a liquid refrigerant that does not leave any negative effects upon the environment. Plus, they feature perfect operating sound levels that experts reckon to be among air conditioning industry. The R-410a liquid refrigerant is totally chlorine-free ensuring that it does not cause any damage to the O3 layer. With its high 13 SEER rating, the Goodman GSZ13 heat pumps contributes in reducing the energy expenses throughout the life tenure of the system.

The Furnace Factory Outlet is a reliable supplier of Goodman manufactured heating and cooling systems in the US. Starting from the air handlers to the heat pumps, from humidifiers to programmable thermostats, we have a huge collection of top quality electrical tools and accessories. All our products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty of 5-10 years and in case of any problems within the warranty period, Goodman will provide a replacement for the damaged parts for free. We sell products at wholesale prices with amazingly high discount rates, something that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Adding to this, we provide home delivery services and don’t charge extra money for delivering goods costing $750 or more.