Goodman 15 KW electric heater kit model HKR-15C
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The Warren HKR-15C Electric Heater Kit is a 240 volt coil heater that can be connected to a variety of Goodman products like the air handler, packaged air conditioner and the packaged heat pump to provide heating operation in winter season. Controlled by sequencers to provide optimum temperature balancing, this Warren Heater Kit produces 51,150 BTUs of heat. If this heater coil is connected to an air handler, then a separate circuit is not required and the line voltage can be connected directly to the heater coil. However, while connecting the heater coil to a packaged air conditioner or heat pump unit, another circuit is required to operate the packaged unit.

Features of 15 KW Electric Heater Kit (51,180 BTU's)

  • Completely assembled and tested
  • Built-in overcurrent protection on all units
  • Multiple branch circuit capability
  • High temperature limit controls for safe operation
  •  Plug-in wiring harness for easy installation
  • Rust-resistant nickel chromium heat elements
  • Item #: HKR15C
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HKR-15C*
  • Condition: New

15 KW Electric Heater Kit (51,180 BTU's)

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