16 SEER Heat Pumps

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Among so many different heat pump models that are available in the markets today, the one that’s the most efficient in terms of energy consumption is that of the 16 SEER heat pumps. Therefore, in case you are thinking to buy a heat pump for your home or office, it's always advisable to settle for a 16 SEER model despite the fact that it’s going to cost you a bit more compared to the ones with relatively lower SEER ratings. Given the fact that a 16 SEER heat pump is going to help in cutting down the energy expenses throughout the life period of the system, it’s undoubtedly worth an investment to spend a few dollars more on such a system that’s going to save hundreds of dollars for you in the years to follow.

The Goodman 16 SEER GSZ heat pumps are reckoned to be one of the top preferred heat pumps in the US markets. Powered by a set of modern and innovative features, these pumps are perfectly suited to be used virtually everywhere starting from normal residences to the commercial establishments. Goodman employs Smart technology in designing their compressors which ensures longevity and quiet operation of the compressors, adding to the convenience of the users. Moreover, all the parts and components are designed in strict accordance to the prescribed industry standards.  Goodman offers a prolong 10 year warranty on their compressors and a 5 year limited warranty on the parts. Some of the other features include:

Product Features:

  • Low pressure switch
  • ETL listed
  • ARI certified
  • Condenser fan motor with a speed of 850 RPM
  • Ground lug connection
  •  Contactor having a lug connection
  • R-410a environmentally friendly liquid refrigerant
  • Scroll compressor that’s energy efficient
  • Liquid refrigerant return protection
  • In built Liquid lined filter dryer
  • Service valves having easy to access gauge ports and sweat connections
  • Time initiated and temperature terminated defrosting control

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