Goodman 45,000 BTU 92% efficient gas furnace model GKS90453BX
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45,000 BTU 92% efficient Upflow Gas Furnace

GKS90453BX Gas Furnace Up to 92.1% AFUE Performance Single-Stage, Multi-Speed Upflow / Horizontal Installation

The Goodman GKS90453BX Up to 92.1% AFUE Performance Single-Stage, Multi-Speed Upflow Gas Furnace is packed with some of the latest advanced technology featuring that includes a patented aluminized steel made tubular heat exchanger and an energy- efficient hot surface ignition system. The corrosion- resistant tubular heat exchanger with a recuperative coil delivers years of reliable and trouble free service. Adding to this, all the furnaces of the GKS90453BX series are trial tested in the factory for heating or heating/cooling combination applications. With a non- corrosive, painted steel cabinet, this furnace unit can be installed anywhere in your home starting from the garage, conclaves and attic to the crawl space, closet or even the living room.

This gas furnace is meant to serve as a natural gas fed system but it also includes the provision to be transformed for use with propane with the help of a field installed propane conversion kit (LPT- 01A) that’s not included with the furnace but can be purchased separately for only $32. Among its other features, the GKS90453BX family of furnaces allows venting with 2-3 inch PVC without requiring a traditional chimney flue. As it permits direct venting or air outside, fresh air can easily be used for the combustion process. This is especially useful if the air in and around the furnace in corrosive, like chemical storage or around paint, and will safeguard the heat exchanger from harmful effects. The convenient left or right connection facilities for gas & electric service makes installation a walk in the park for the installers.

Warranty Protection: If the heat exchanger ever fails in this unit, Goodman provides a new heat exchanger to the original registered user of the gas furnace unit. Moreover, the 45,000 BTU 92% efficient Upflow Gas Furnace also has a Parts Warranty for 10 Years on all functional parts.

Standard Features:

  • Dual diameter tubular heat exchanger
  • Hot surface igniter including patented adaptive learning control for maximizing igniter life
  • Quiet, single speed induced draft blower
  • The furnace control board has self diagnostic features
  • Single stage combination redundant gas valve
  • Dual certified for sealed combustion- direct vent (2- pipe) or non- direct vent (1- pipe) applications
  • Four- speed, noise resistant, direct- drive circulator blower motor
  • Low voltage terminal block
  • The unit complies with California NOx emissions standards

 Cabinet Features: 

  • Coil and furnace fit flush for most applications
  • Foil faced insulation lines the heat exchanger
  • Despite being primarily designed for upflow installation, it can be converted to left, right or horizontal installation unit with a small pressure switch kit that’s sold separately
  • Standard top venting
  • Airtight solid bottom for side return applications
  • Easy cut tabs for trouble free removal in the bottom air inlet applications

Additional Information: Before purchasing this appliance, please go through the important product information about its energy efficiency rating, yearly operating cost and estimated annual energy consumption that can be found in the customer brochures. Click on the Furnace Brochure and Warranty links below to read the complete product and warranty details. Moreover, to receive the 10 Year Parts Limited Warranty on the functional units and the Lifetime Limited Warranty on the Heat exchanger, online registration of your furnace have to be complete within two months after installation. Online registration is not necessary in Quebec or California.

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45,000 BTU 92% efficient Upflow Gas Furnace

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