Goodman 90,000 BTU 92% efficient gas furnace model GKS90904CX
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90,000 BTU 92.1% AFUE Performance Upflow Gas Furnace

GKS90904CX Gas Furnace Up to 92.1% AFUE Performance Horizontal /Upflow Installation Single-Stage, Multi-Speed

The Goodman GKS9 92.1% AFUE Performance, Multi Speed, Single Stage Horizontal/ Upflow furnace features a highly energy- efficient hot surface ignition system and a patented steel aluminized tubular heat exchanger. In addition to the primary features, the GKS90904CX units from Goodman incorporate the advanced accessories and components featuring the latest technology that not only improve comfort but also delivers higher energy efficiency for your household.

The other major components include a heavy- gauge, strongly insulated steel built cabinet that helps in achieving lower operational sound levels, therefore adding to the reliability and user convenience. The dual diameter configuration tubular heat exchanger manufactured using the latest heat-efficient materials uplift the efficiencies of the furnaces even further. The electrical control board offers self diagnostic features that make ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting easier than you imagine.

With acorrosion- resistant, long lasting painted steel cabinet, this furnace offers the provision to be installed in a variety of locations. However, it’s not suitable for use in the mobile homes. Not only this, in abid to ensure high performance and legendary Goodman quality and durability, every unit is stringently trial tested for quality in the factory prior to shipment to be absolutely certain not even a single structural or functional shortcoming goes unnoticed in any of their electrical units and accessories.

Extraordinary Warranty Protection: All functional parts of this 90,000 BTU 92.1% AFUE efficient Upflow Gas Furnace is protected by a 10- Year Parts Limited Warranty. The Heat exchanger is covered by a Parts Lifetime Warranty. If ever, your heat exchanger fails within the initial ten years of ownership, the company is going to provide a brand new replacement to the original registered user of the furnace unit.

Standard Features: 

•  Dual- diameter tubular heat exchanger

•  Furnace control board has self diagnostic features

•  Single- stage combination redundant gas valve

•  Dual certified for sealed combustion for either non- direct vent (1- pipe) or direct vent (2- vent) applications

•  Quiet, single-speed induced draft blower

•  Low voltage terminal blocks

•  Durable hot surface igniter with Norton mini igniter

•  Hot surface igniter with an adaptive learning control to maximize igniter life

•  Four- speed, direct-drive, quiet circulator blower motor

•  It has a fabulous AFUE rating of 92% which means that as much as 92 cents of every $1 of your heating expenses             gets used up for providing warmth to your home

•  All furnace units comply with the California NOx emission standards

•  The total unit is trial tested in the factory before shipment

Cabinet Features: 

•  Foil- faced insulation lines the heat exchanger compartment

•  Designed for upflow installation

•  It can be converted to right, left or horizontal alienation with the help of a pressure switch kit

•  Corrosion- resistant, painted steel cabinet

•  Easy- to- install top venting is standard

•  Solid airtight bottom for side return applications

•  Easy- cut tabs providesimple removal in the bottom air inlet applications

•  Coil & furnace fit flush for a majority of installations

Additional Information: Before you purchase this appliance, it’s always to carefully read the vital product information related to the system compatibility,yearly operational costs,electrical requirements and installation instructions. Click on the links below to read the full product and warranty details that is provided by the retailer. Moreover, to receive the warranty protection for your furnace, please don’t forget to register your product online latest within 60 days after installation. Online registration is presently not required for Quebec or California.

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90,000 BTU 92% efficient Upflow Gas Furnace

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