Gas Furnaces 80% Efficient Upflow

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Finding a proper balance between your monthly energy expenses and family’s comfort and convenience often turns out to be quite a gruesome task for most people. On one side, while you really cannot afford to compromise in terms of quality of the HVAC systems to ensure optimum comfort levels, keeping the power expenses within a certain budget is equally important. This is exactly what happens when it comes to purchasing a home furnace system- but with the upcoming of the Goodman highly efficient yet cost effective heating and cooling systems, your days of struggle seems to be over.

The new Goodman 80 efficient upflow gas furnace systems with a multi speed blower have all the elements required to stand as the perfect cost effective solution that you were looking for.  Goodman, like their other products have used the latest advanced technology features to design this furnace. Innovative features like energy saving heat exchangers combined with a stainless steed made recuperative coil, corrosion resistant body, hot surface ignition mechanism and patented finish have ensured that much needed durability for years to follow.

Not only this, Goodman guarantees the                quality and performance and is happy to back with a decade long Limited lifetime warranty. The 80 efficient upflow furnaces can easily be converted to be used with propane by simply including an LPT 01A conversion kit that’s going to cost only around $130. Apart from this, the inclusion of the auto ignition system eliminates the need of the traditional standing pilots for better ignition dependability without wastage of energy.

Product Features:

  • Low voltage terminal blocks
  • Designed to facilitate multi position installation- left, right, vertical or horizontal
  • Quiet operation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Suited to be used for both non direct vent and direct vent applications
  • Convenient right or left connection for electric and gas service
  • Energy efficient hot surface ignition mechanism with adaptive patented learning algorithm and Norton Mini Igniter.


At the Furnace Factory Outlet, we have a versatile collection of top quality branded furnace systems from Goodman. All our furnaces have a reasonably high AFUE rating ranging from 80%-95%- a clear reaffirmation of the fact that installing such a furnace system is going to help you in reducing the monthly power expenses by more than 50% in the long term run. Plus, with the Furnace Outlet, you can expect to get quality products at the minimum possible rates including heft discount levels, something that you are just not going to find anywhere else. We also take total responsibility of delivering the ordered products at the client’s doorstep. Delivery is free for orders priced above $750.