Gas Furnaces 95% Efficient Downflow


    The Goodman 95% efficient down flow gas furnace system is a perfect value-alternative that enjoys the advantages of high-efficiency at much lower cost.  It is one of the very few furnace models that can help you find a healthy balance between your energy expenses and your family’ comfort. With high Annual Fuel Utilization Energy ratings as high as 95%, as much as 95 cents per  one dollar of your heating expense are going to be used to warm up your room. Therefore, with this 95 efficient upflow gas furnace model, you can expect to reduce the energy wastage to a marginal limit. Better energy utilization, in turn is going to help in reducing energy consumption by almost 50% or even more compared to a backdated furnace with a lower AFUE rating.

    Talking specifically of the Goodman 95 efficient down flow gas furnace systems, these models feature a two stage capability, just like two furnace systems in one. Depending on the requirements, the mode of operation changes gears from time to time to provide optimum levels of comfort and warmth inside the rooms. Say, for instance, on a normal day, such a furnace focuses on conserving energy by working in a low stage mode at around 70% capacity. But when it comes to the chilly winter nights, the furnace automatically switches to a high stage mode and run at 100% capacity. This automatic transition helps in much better fuel and energy utilization, thereby providing total comfort without eating up into your budget.

    Product Features:

    • Patented heat exchanger providing a faster and more efficient heat transfer.
    • Well built stainless steel and aluminized construction is backed by a decade long limited warranty
    • In-shot burners regulating the air and gas mixture.
    • Direct spark ignition ensuring better gas ignition
    • Induced draft blower to pull heated combustion gases through exchanger and divert them outdoors.
    • 10 year limited warranty on the compressor and parts
    • Control board diagnostics
    • Low voltage terminal blocks
    • 2 staged gas valve for cost effective and energy efficient operation
    • All designs complying with California Nox Standards


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